Catalist List Manager for Android

The Catalist Android app for phones and tablets allows you to create and manage multiple lists of categorised information. You can create a basic list, which is typically for one-time use. If you want to re-use and modify your list, you can choose to use an advanced list (great for shopping!). Lists can be created, deleted, copied, renamed and shared. See the Catalist help information on these and other functions available to you.

Catalist is free of advertisements and is available now from the Google Play store.

You can also download Catalist-Free, which is a completely free version of Catalist with these differences:

  • Catalist-Free limits the number of basic lists to 2 and the number of advanced lists to 2 (no limit in Catalist).

  • Catalist provides commands to backup and restore your lists using a file (Catalist-Free provides a command to backup your lists so that you can move your lists to Catalist if you decide to upgrade).

Catalist app icon