Bookdex for Android:
Flexible, customisable, organised
note-taking for bookworms

Looking for a way to remember what you read, to study a book, to review a book, or to aid you in learning more about a topic? Move beyond margin notes and bookmarks to structure your reading experience using Bookdex.

Start a Bookdex journal and organize information into groups such as places, event, or characters. You can create your own groups, search your Bookdex journal or filter for example by name or groups; you can share your journal; and you can export it to a spreadsheet or to Bookdex-Pro.

Bookdex can help you:

  • Remember things like characters, events, themes, dates and timelines -- and how they relate to each other and to the story

  • Closely study the elements of a story

  • Deep-dive into a subject by using Bookdex to keep track of multiple books, essays, articles – anything you’re reading 


Upgrade to Bookdex-Pro for:

  • Unlimited journals (maximum of 2 with free Bookdex)

  • Unlimited groups (maximum of 2 with free Bookdex)

  • Journal sharing

  • Import of CSV (Comma Separated Variable) data exported by another Bookdex.

  • Restore of Bookdex backup file